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Unique Investments Hedge Fund Management

Unique Investments & Fintech LP is a hedge fund  established in 2022 by JLT Investments and Barak Capital. 

Unique Investments & Fintech (L.B.) LTD is the funds GP and was also founded in 2022 by JLT Investments and Barak Capital.

Barak Capital is one of Israel’s leading investments groups.

The Fund’s investments are managed by a management company. Idan Funds Management 2022 Ltd., headed by Jonathan Levitats and his experienced team, who are top notch in their field.

Partnering with Barak Capital will allow the Fund to leverage Barak Capital’s unique knowledge, ties, banking relationships and extensive experience to the benefit of our investors.

The fund is Based in Petach Tikva, Israel and is setup up to cater to investors from around the world.

Read more about the fund on a recent article in the THEMARKER newspaper: How Unique and other hedge funds beat the benchmark in 2023

For more information on Barak Capital please visit: www.barakcapital.com

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