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Our approach

Unique Investments & Fintech LP fund strives to maximize returns at reasonable risk.  Specializing in Israeli corporate bonds our investments are actively managed and constantly monitored by an expert management company (Idan Funds Management 2022 LTD).  The management team adjusts the fund’s risk exposure in step with changes to our holdings and our convictions about market conditions.  Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the Israeli bond market, the team can quickly react to changes in the markets and exploit market opportunities.

These opportunities are identified using our advanced fundamental and algorithmic analysis and extensive deal flow exposure. The team uses in house developed trading software to identify opportunities and execute them quickly. The team also employs mathematical models to find price discrepancies in other market areas such as stocks , options and convertible bonds. Some of our trades are short term daily trades while others are held for several months.

Part of the trading strategies involve stocks- The team uses an in house algorithm to identify stock opportunities and hedge the positions’ risk with appropriate options.

Whatever the trade we always take into account downside risk and tail risk. We strive to avoid any tail risk.


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